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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gotta Get Creative

It is official, I dislike shopping for groceries in Aqtobe, no, let me rephrase that, I nearly hate shopping for groceries here. Ugh! Everybody is in such a hurry, the aisles are so narrow, people cut in front of you and budge their way in, and you feel that stress of hurry, hurry, hurry until you leave the actual grocery store. It really sucks!

Okay, now back to more important things, like Z. I am learning that one can get very creative with the same 5 toys if this is all that they have to play with for nearly 2 months. Stacking blocks are fun to stack, yes, but they are also fun to clang together, you can roll them, eat them, put them on your head and watch them fall down, put them inside the stacking rings, play hide and seek putting the smaller cups under the bigger cups, toss the little cups from big cup to big cup, and today we discovered that it is also great fun to put two of the cups on your feet and clang those cups that are in your hands against those on your toes. Zahri kept laughing and laughing, she loved this new game, and it once again motivated her to bring her feet up in the air and work those muscles. Every day we learn a new game with what was an old toy. The blow up beach ball is another great example, who knew that a $5.00 beach ball could really be 20 toys in one? This is a really good thing about our twice daily visits to the playroom, it really does get you ready to be creative with your child and use toys in different ways. It makes you use your imagination, something that we tend to lose as we grow older. Another favorite of the kids is just tossing up a plastic bag; Evy likes to dance with the bag, tossing it in the air with her hands and feet and such, and the kids love it. We are also finding that the babies love slap stick humor, especially Ganna, she can’t get enough of Geert and Sarah falling on the floor. Her entire face laughs and she just giggles up a storm watching them fall to the floor and make silly noises. Z on the other hand is fairly stoic, she enjoys this too, but she holds in the laughter and smiles and instead just watches them make fools of themselves at the delight of the babies. Maybe I will conquer my fear of acting like a total idiot with having a child, but as for now, I am still not yet ready to fall to the floor and make crazy noises. Boring mom in that area still.

Zahri is also starting to be more curious about the 2 big stuffed puppies in the playroom. I try to put one of them by us every now and then so she can get comfortable with the look of a puppy. We play on the dogs, I do the sign language for dog and woof woof and pant for her. At first she would look at me with surprise every time I panted, but now she just continues petting the puppy. I am hoping that she won’t be scared of our 2 big dogs. I am sure they will give her many good kisses when she gets home. I am not yet sure if the kids ‘dogs’ or Z are more slobbery.

It is official, today is Day #1 of my Appeal Period. Yahoo! Only 14 more to go.


Susan said...

oh, i think you will fall into being "dorky mom" in no time. :)
it's really easy once you find things that she will laugh and smile at. She is truly a little delight. I love her outfit today too! She is dressed to the NINES!

I'm glad you are enjoying her toys and being creative. Some of Sean's favorite memories of when he was smaller was NOT toys, but games we played together when he would sit on my knees and i would pretend I was a car. He would use my hands as brake and gas and then steer and i'd move my knees and he'd fall off. HE STILL loves to do that, but he's getting a little big at 85 lbs to do that these days. :)
Toys are great, but what she obviously loves most is YOU and the interaction she has with you!!
I think I enjoyed sean's toys more than he did.
Most babies i know like their parents keys and stuff more than their own cool high tech toys.

I'm sorry the grocery store experience isn't so much fun, but hey, it's all about the experience right? :)

You can tell Z how lucky she is that grocery stores are more fun in the states. :)
WAit until she's older and sneaks a bunch of junk into your cart. :)

Stacy Peters-Walters said...


I'm sure you will soon me a dorky mom too and you'll start hearing your mom's voice coming out of your mouth too! It's amazing how resourceful you get when your toddler is pitching a fit in the middl of the mall. Stacy

flyingfish347 said...

Clearly Zahria has a more sophisticated sense of humor than those other slapstick-lovin' babies!


Izaak, Elijah & Ty 'Bear'

Izaak, Elijah & Ty 'Bear'
Cousins (Izaak wants to name my daughter (his cousin) Isabella, Sant (for 'Santa') or Hershey (his friend's dog's name.) Hmmmm I told him that if we name her 'Hershey,' that would mean that we get to give her a lot of kisses.

Kolter Matthius Simon

Kolter Matthius Simon
Littlest Cousin......possibly. Kolter may indeed be the same age as his little girl cousin in Kaz. :)